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Top 5 Favorite Songs From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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I have seen both seasons in a week. A week. I loved Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The awkwardness, humor and, best of all, the songs! THE SONGS. I LOVE THE SONGS. And Santino Fontana… I mean. He might be the villain Hans in Frozen, but he is my favorite character on this show. He stole my heart, allright… Well, back to the songs: here is my top 5!

crazy ex-girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A young woman (Rebecca Bunch) abandons a great job at a law firm and her life in New York to chase down after Josh. Oh no. “She just wanted something else“. So she moves to West Covina, California. Of all places…

5. You Go First


After Rebecca and Paula have a huge fight, they don’t want to be the first to apologize.


4. So Maternal


On this (very familiar Bruno Mars rhythm) Rebecca sings about how good of a mother she is. She’s not even a mom.


3. Love Kernels


I just really like this song. It’s so funny to see her making fun of everyday music videos. And the cactus outfit. I mean… A Sexy Fashion Cactus.


2. The Sexy Getting Ready Song


YES. This song is so funny and was one of the first songs where I actually laughed out loud while watching. And so relatable though.


1. Greg’s Drinking Song


OK. I told you about my Santino Fontana crush. But this song is just… Amazing. It has a nice rhythm and it’s actually a song I have in my Spotify playlist. I love this song. Please bring Santino Fontana back. #Grebecca #forever.

I mean… look at him:
crazy ex-girlfriend
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