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This Is Us Review: Tears, Laughs and A Lot of Feelings


OH MY. I was so excited for this TV Show. Ever since Parenthood concluded, NBC left us with this massive hole that could never be filled. Until This Is Us. Read my This Is Us review.

this is us review

This Is Us Review

The show starts of with introducing everyone: Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Rebecca is expecting with triplets and goes into labor the minute the show starts. What an opening. Kevin – a handsome actor who’s realizing that his lifestyle is not what he wants anymore. He wants to be taken more seriously. Kate is struggling with weight loss and starts going to a support group. The last one: Randall (who I am most excited about) is about to meet his biological father.

this is us review
First impression: wow! The acting is amazing and the storylines are perfect. The Gilmore Girls alumni Milo, brings back a lot of feelings he brought on Gilmore Girls. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! He’s funny, committed and brings a certain warmth to the screen.

Further on in the show… you’ll be intrigued, shedding a few tears, laughing with the characters and feeling sorry for them. They make choices you might/might not agree with, but you understand the choices. And that’s something that not all TV shows have.


They’re excited to see their father. I think maybe they got a good one.


this is us review
The ending was a shock. Still not over the ending (want to know about the ending? Scroll down.) Tears are flooding all over my face. The ending is the plot twist we didn’t know we wanted! WOW! Speechless. This show is the new emotional hit-series and Parenthood should be proud to have such a good “sequel”.

Chapeau, NBC, chapeau.

Haven’t seen the premiere of This Is Us already? Go check it out now before everyone is talking about it and you’re the only one who hasn’t seen it.

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Turns out that Rebecca and Milo are the parents of Kevin, Kate and Randall. WOAH. That’s why they all share the same birthday. WOW. WOW. To understand the complete concept about this: watch the show! Believe me, it will be worth your time.

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