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Prison Break Season 5: Time For Break-out!

prison break season 5

Guys. We can legit freak out now. Prison Break Season 5 just got a trailer ánd a release date. This is what dreams are made of.

Prison Break Season 5

This might have been one of the most anticipated series yet. Everyone went crazy when a new season of Prison Break was announced. The second (and detailed) trailer has just been released. And yes. It is amazing. It looks as good as it should be. Let’s hope they live up to this exciting, thrilling trailer!

Seems like your brother might still be… alive.


Release date

Drumroll please, the release date for Prison Break Season 5 is April 4th. THAT’S SO CLOSE. I literally can’t wait for this show. Can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited for a revival (yes, not even Gilmore Girls).

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