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Parks and Recreation: 8x Why We Need One More Season


I just discovered this, amazing, TV show like a month ago. I can not believe no one told me about Parks and Recreations sooner. It is BY FAR one of my favorite shows! As you may know, they concluded the series after 7 seasons. Let me list 8 reasons why we need a season 8!

Parks and Recreations

This show follows Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana as she attempts to advance her career and make her town more beautiful by helping local nurse Ann Perkins turn a construction pit into a park. Parks and Recreation is a hilarious TV show with a very realistic ring to it. It is amazing. Truly amazing.

1. We need more satisfied smiles from Ron Swanson.


2. The positive attitude of Chris will help us get through the week.


3. We really want to know if Cones of Dunshire was a bestseller.


5. April is the only cranky person we can handle. And she has amazing quotes.


6. We miss Tom’s happy face.


7. Ben & Leslie are #relationshipsgoals.


8. We want to see how everyone turned out.

Source: NBC

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