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Game Of Thrones Fan Theories: 3x WOW!


There are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of fan theories about Game Of Thrones. I have found 3 Game Of Thrones fan theories that are crazy but could also be true. Tag along!


game of thrones fan theories

1. Tyrion is a Targaryen

This theory says that the Mad King had intercourse with Tywin Lannister’s wife. And Tyrion was the result. When thinking about it more, it makes more and more sense. In the books Tyrion is described as having even blonder hair than his siblings, Jaime and Cersei, and who has the whitest hair in all the 7 kingdoms? That’s right, the Targaryens.

Also: Tywin has this immerse hate for Tyrion. Which would make sense if he wasn’t his own son. Tyrion has told us that he dreamed about dragons. He has a tiny obsession with dragons. Which would make sense if he’s a Targaryen…

When Tyrion came face to face with one of Daenerys’ dragons and not only came out unharmed, but managed to calm the dragon down with his touch. Sounds like the third rider to me.



game of thrones fan theories

2. Jaime Will Kill Cersei

This theory has exsisted long before the last episode of season 6 (where Jaime gave Cersei the “WTF have you done” look). Why? Read along!

Do you remember that flashback where little Cersei had that run-in with a seer? That’s actually supposed to depict a famous prophecy in the books, in which the seer says that Cersei will get taken down for good by “the valonqar” which translated means “little brother.” Source.

Now you might think: what about Tyrion? Not so fast! Jaime is the younger of the two twins, which makes him Cersei’s little brother. So it could be both of them. But.. if the theory above is true, then Tyrion is not Cersei’s little brother. I mean: WOW!



game of thrones fan theories

Bran Built the Wall

There have been a lot of Brans over the years. This include Bran the Builder, who built the wall.

We all know about Bran’s ability to travel through time and given what we saw what happened with poor Hodor (still not over that btw). That showed us he can change the past if he wants to. Maybe Bran is all the Brans…

How amazing would it be if the crippled kid that Jaime tossed out of the tower might end up being one of the most important people who have ever lived. I mean: WOW!

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