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American Horror Story Roanoke: What Happened?

american horror story roanoke season 6

Geeeeeeez. Have to say: American Horror Story Roanoke might have been the craziest season yet. Sarah Paulson playing not one, not two, no; three roles. And of course the story itself has been crazy – Let me walk you through it.

American Horror Story Roanoke

This is the sixth season of the succesfull TV Show American Horror Story. I have to be honest; I did not watch season 4 and 5. After Coven, my interest in the TV Show went downward spiral. Asylum was so well-played and the story was so detailed and thought out, Coven just didn’t meet my expectations. To give it another chance, I wanted to watch the sixth season. Best. Decision. Ever.

My Roanoke Nightmare

This seasons started off as a documentary series: My Roanoke Nightmare. These episodes told the story of Shelby, Matt and Lee and about their horrible experience. The real Shelby, Matt and Lee told the story in front of the camera while actors reenacted their story. The story of Roanoke in a nut shell: there is a woman, The Butcher, who kills ‘intruders’ on her land when the Blood Moon is present. All sorts of things happened: Matt cheated on Shelby with the Scathatch, who is a ghost/witch/whatevs, Lee kidnapped her own child (Flora), then Flora got ‘kidnapped’ by Priscilla (her ghost friend), then Lee killed/did not kill her ex-husband and the Polk family has been the most disturbing family on TV ever. The series ‘ended’ and the next chapter begins.

My Roanoke Nightmare: Three days in hell

After the succes of the first TV Show, Sidney (director) wanted to make a second season. The main idea: get all the actors from My Roanoke Nightmare and the real people, who the actors portrayed, together in the house with the Blood Moon. Sounds cool right? Not really. We find out that Shelby and Matt are not together anymore and Shelby had an ‘affair’ with Dominic (the actor who played Matt). Shelby agreed to come back to the house only because she could talk to Matt. While Matt had very different disturbing plans.

R is for Rory

The actors and the others all get in to some sort of feud. They argue and don’t seem to get along. When the actors get a taste of the real horror that is going in; things turn to shit. Rory is the first victim and finishes the word MURDER written on the wall.
american horror story roanoke season 6
At first, the actors think that Rory got a better offer to play in a movie with Brad Pitt, but later on they start noticing more creepy stuff. Later on, Agnes (who played the Butcher in My Roanoke Nightmare) kills of the production team behind ‘Three Days In Hell‘ while wearing the Butcher’s costume. She felt betrayed that she wasn’t asked to be on the new show. Meanwhile, Dominic and Shelby catch Matt ‘doing the act’ with the Scathatch and he reveals his real reason to come back here – he wanted to see her. Shelby loses her shit and kills Matt. Later on, karma’s a bitch and Agnes gets killed by the real Butcher.

Shelby feels guilty about killing Matt and slits her own throat (after Dominic told her not to, but yeah). Real Lee, Audrey (the actor who played Shelby) and Monet (the actor who played Lee) are captured by The Polk family. Lee gets her ear cut off and pieces of her leg. She gets one of the Polk boys to film her while she apologizes to Flora. She admits that she did kill her ex-husband/Flora’s father (shocking). Later on she seduces the same Polk boy and she escapes. She frees Audrey and finds out that Monet had already escaped.

Lee and Audrey get back to the house and find Dominic next to the body of Shelby. They blame him for the deaths of Matt and Shelby. He goes out in to the hallway and gets murdered by the Piggy Man. A different actor from My Roanoke Nightmare, Dylan, shows up and decides to help Lee and Audrey. They go back to the Polk farm where Dylan is slaughtered by Ishmael (one of the Polk boys).

While this is going on, we see three bloggers: Sophie, Milo, and Todd, three fanatics of My Roanoke Nightmare. They head out into the woods to search for the Roanoke house. The bloggers stop to take pictures of the tree that Flora’s hoodie was found on but are interrupted by a bloodied woman who begs for help. The three chase after the woman, only to come across her dead body in an over turned car. When the three report what they found to the police, the police tells them that they did not found a dead body and that the three of them need to stop making things up.

The three bloggers return to the woods in the night to expose the real truth, only to be murdered by Lee (possessed by Scathach). Lee also murders Monet and attempts to murder Audrey. The next morning, the police arrive. Audrey, having survived her wounds, wants to shoot Lee in vengeance, but is gunned down by the police.


Now you might think: HOW are they going to continue this story. Well, they did. And that did it well. Crack’d, The Lana Winters Special, and Spirit Chasers are three TV shows which attempt to understand what happened with Lee and with the Roanoke house. On Crack’d, Lee’s trial and the course of Lee’s life are covered.

american horror story roanoke season 6

On The Lana Winters Special, famed reporter Lana Winters (MAJOR season two: Asylum throwback. LOVED it.) interviews Lee about the disappearance of her daughter, believing that Lee took her once again. But Lee seems surprised and wants to leave to ‘find her daughter’. The interview is interrupted by the arrival Lot Polk, who threatens violence against Lee until he is shot.

On Spirit Chasers, a group paranormal investigators, including Ashley Gilbert, Cricket’s (the psychic who tried to get rid of the ghost in My Roanoke Nightmare) reenactor, trespass into the Roanoke House during the Blood Moon in order to capture the spirits of the house on film. They are interrupted by Lee, who bursts in looking for Flora. All of the Spirit Chasers crew and Ashley are murdered by the ghosts. Lee is able to reunite with Flora. Flora wants to stay in the Roanoke house so she can protect Priscilla from the Butcher. Lee decides to sacrifice herself so she can protect Priscilla and give Flora a chance at life. Flora leaves the house and watches as her mother walks off into the woods with Priscilla. From a hilltop, The Butcher watches as her mob begins surrounds the house once again.

Overall conclusion

American Horror Story has got me hooked again. I lost interest, as I said in the beginning of this blog, but I can’t wait to see what Ryan Murphy has in store for us. Bring it on.

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