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Disney Plus: What to Expect – My Personal Favorites


What. A. Dream. Get ready for the one and only streaming service for all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and many more. Disney Plus will launch on November 12 (Us, Canada and NL) and I am READY for this. What can we expect from this Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is Making Dreams Come True

Honestly, this is going to be cool. Just days before and during the D23 Expo, Disney announced loads of new movies and TV Shows that will be available on Disney Plus. Here are a couple of my favorites:

All the announced Marvel Movies and Shows

Disney Plus Marvel

These are just a few of the 14(!!!) already announced Marvel movies and shows. Some of these exciting new Marvel stuff will be exclusively streaming on Disney Plus. CAN’T WAIT.

Live Action: Lady and the Tramp

This looks so cute. I’ve always been a fan of Lady and The Tramp (can’t wait to see how the Siamese Twins look) and this made me more than excited. The ambiance, the voices; everything is similar to the original movie. I am more excited about this Live Action than I was for Dumbo. Beeeellaaa nooooottteeee

Lizze McGuire 2019

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 07.42.14
… yes. This is what dreams are made of. I love that they decided to create a sequel/remake/follow-up(?) on Lizzie McGuire – something we all ACTUALLY want. I am stoked that Hilary Duff is coming back and I can’t wait for the little Lizzie to be on my screen again.


To be honest; I love me a good, soppy Christmas Movie. That is by far my favorite genre. This movie trailer is already serving me with all kinds of Christmas feelings and I am ready for November 12. Bill Hader as Santa; uhm. Yes, please. Noelle, Santa’s Sister who is portrayed by Anna Kendrick, needs to “Save Christmas” by helping her brother Nick (Bill Hader) ready for being Santa.

Star Wars, National Geographic and more…

If I were to write down every piece of content here that will be available on Disney Plus, it would be a long, long, long, long list. Disney Plus is going to have new binge-worthy content mixed with the classics. I am so excited and I wil be counting the days till November 12.


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