Disney movies: My All Time Favorites

disney movies

Some of you may know how obsessed I am with Disney. Especially Disney movies. Like everyone: I have my favorites.

Disney Movies

“What’s your favorite Disney movie?”

This is a question I hear on a regular basis. My answer is most of the time: “I really don’t know.” I can never pick just one. That’s why I’ve divided this blog in three parts: The Old classics, The New Classics and Pixar. Simple enough, huh?

The Old Classics

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If you have never seen Robin Hood, I strongly recommend you to go watch it ASAP. You might know the backstory of Robin Hood, but the Disney version is amazing. There’s a lot of humor in it, but also a couple of sad scenes (I cried). My second favorites Old Classic is the Aristocats. Especially Thomas O’Malley. This movies is hilarious and is perfect for a lazy sunday!

The New Classics

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My favorite Disney princess movie is Tangled. I’ve always been a fan of the story about Rapunzel. Before Disney had a movie about Rapunzel, I was obsessed with the Barbie version. I just loved the long hair. When Big Hero 6 was announced, I did not have really high expectations. I did not understand the story and thought this wasn’t a good classic. But I was wrong. Really wrong. Big Hero 6 is an emotional rollercoaster and I did not know what came over me. The story was amazing and I really lived with the characters.


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The movie where I have shed the most tears: Up. I guess almost everyone has seen Up. That’s because the story is so good! You really feel for the characters and want to make that special journey with them. My other favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille. I love Remy and Linguini. I wish they would cook for me every evening! Disney really outdid themselves with this movie. The story is amazing and it has ups and downs, like every Disney movie should have. I’ll almost call this a Classic instead of a Pixar movie!

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