Captain Marvel is a Badass Movie and Here’s Why

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As a huge Marvel fanatic and a woman, it is super refreshing seeing a female superhero as Captain Marvel. I know we’ve had our Wonder Woman and Supergirl – it’s not the same. This movie was not about love or had a super strong feminist message; it was a superhero movie. And that’s all we needed.

Captain Marvel: Movie of my Wildest Dreams

There are a few keywords that I could use to describe this movie; humour, powerful and inspiring. The movie is set in 1995 (a great year for music tbh – and you’ll notice that in the soundtrack as well). Carol Danvers (Vers) becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. There’s not only a great storyline, but also quite some plot twists that you’ll not foresee.

When I was younger, I thought there were no female superheroes. The only ‘heroes’ I knew and wanted to be, were the Totally Spies. They were BAD-ASS. However, there was almost no merch or costumes available of these three fierce ladies and there always seem to be stuff for the boy superheroes. Looking back, that didn’t feel right.


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That’s why Captain Marvel already has a special place in my heart. It feel so empowering to have a woman that has magical powers and is trying to save the universe. I can’t even imagine how this would be for my younger self. She’d go nuts.

Why is Captain Marvel better than Wonder Woman?

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Wonder Woman. It just wasn’t the same. Wonder woman was still ‘sexy’ and had a love in the movie. It was great to see a movie were there was not even a sign of love and a movie where there’s no cleavage or short skirts. It’s refreshing, revolutionary and very much needed.




Bad Critics

Honestly, I would not know where these bad critics are coming from. I’ve read some comments on the movie being ‘too feminist’. Whoever says something is ‘too feminist’ are assholes. Huge assholes. Also, this movie was far from too feminist. Yes – there were some flashbacks and comments in the movie about women not being able to do ‘manly things’ and being called out for it, but guess what?! That happens in real life. DAILY. So art imitates life in this case.

If you’ve read this review; you’re amazing and thanks for letting me rave about this amazing movie. Haven’t seen it? Watch it.

Can’t wait for Endgame!



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