Disneyland Paris trip: Marvelous & Wonderful


In the beginning of April, I went to Disneyland Paris with my best friend. Not only was it one of the best weekends I’ve ever had, it was also her birthday. And boy (in Mickey’s voice), it was amazing!

Tacky Snapchat filter aside – we had a lot of fun

Traveling to Disneyland Paris

When you travel to Disneyland Paris from the Netherlands, there are a few options to consider. We could easily go by train which, coincidentally, started to have a direct train from Amsterdam to Disneyland. However, we decided to go by car. Not only because we could just pack whatever we wanted to bring, but we would have the best time just singing in the car for 5 hours straight. And we did.

The First Night

We arrived at 23:30 at the Kyriad hotel that was close by. We decided not to take our Disney hotel for the second night, for the first night as well. It was much cheaper to go for a close by hotel for just this one night.

The First Day in Disneyland Paris

We woke up around 6:00 to get ready for the first day. It was by best friends birthday, so I got a cake and gave the presents. That was already a great start of the day. We went on with getting ready and – god I have never spent so much time on my hair.

We went to the Davy Crockett Ranch early in the morning to get our tickets since we would be staying there the next night. When we got there, my friend got the ‘Its My Birthday’ button and I got a regular Spider-Man button. That was pretty cool too. I love Spider-Man.

Davy Crockett Ranch

We got back in the car and drove to the parks. At this point I’m holding back tears of joy and we blast up the speakers with Disney music and loudly singing along. It’s 9 am. We gasp when we arrive and see Disneyland Park in BIG letters.

We parked the car and the first day we would spent mostly in the ‘normal’ park. We got the Magic Hours (getting into the park one hour earlier) and we used this mainly for taking pictures. Yep – really. I will definitely write a guide for all the best photo spots in both Disney Parks in Paris.

It wasn’t that busy so we could easily go in all the rides we wanted. However, the Phantom Manor was still closed, the Big Thunder Mountain broke (which we got fast passes for) and Peter Pan’s Flight had a huge queue.

After a very exhausting day, we went back to Davy Crockett’s Ranch – ready to check in. However, the man who was tending the desk saw my friend’s birthday button and he decided to give us a present. We got upgraded to the Disney Sequoia Lodge Hotel with complimentary breakfast. We thanked him a bazillion times and drove to the hotel.

Disney Sequoia Lodge Hotel

This. Was. Amazing. Comfy beds, 73638273 Disney Channels on the TV and good WiFi. We had a blast. Even the shampoo bottles have cute Mickey ears on ’em. Adorable!

The complimentary breakfast was so good. Delicious! We had eggs, croissants, pancakes… everything you’d want – they have it. So good.

The Second Day

After the amazing breakfast, we went to the parks. It’s in walking distance so we saw some pretty sights while walking. They are renovating the Disney’s New York hotel as a Marvel themed hotel. And god – even the construction boards were pretty. So of course, I took a photo there.

Can you believe this is a construction site? ‘CAUSE I DON’T!

We went to the Walt Disney’s Studios Park this day. I was stoked. I knew that the Studios Park would be Marvel themed. So, I put on my homemade Captain Marvel Ears and walked proudly into the park.

Marvel, Marvel everywhere…

The Studios Park is smaller than the ‘normal’ one. So we would stay only one morning. We took advantage of the empty park in the magic hours, again to take pictures (and they are worth it). After our photoshoots, we stood in line for Crush’s Coaster. Which took forever. I have never stood in line without there being an issue with this ride. Tip: always go to Crush’s Coaster first. Big chance it will break during the day. Same for Big Thunder Mountain btw.

The whole park was Marvel themed and you saw little boys and girls dressed up as Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor – my heart melted.

And again – the most beautiful construction site you’ve ever seen.

After going into all rides at the Walt Disney Studios Park, we went back to the other park. Where we finished off with the rides we didn’t get to go on the previous day.

Ending the day with buying an incredibly useless popcorn basket. Worth it. So worth it.

Going Home

We had a blast. I’ve always loved Disneyland and it was very special for me to bring my best friend (who has never been there before) on her BIRTHDAY! She loved it, I loved it. It was an amazing weekend and would love to go there again soon.

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris?

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