The Sims 4 Toddlers: THEY’RE HERE!

the sims 4 toddlers

OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED, SIMMERS. It has been a while but the new January update includes Toddlers! Aaaaaaah! The Sims 4 Toddlers are finally here.

The Sims 4 Toddlers

the sims 4 toddlers
The Sims explains why it took so long: they wanted to make it perfect. Well. Okay then. All is forgiven. beCAUSE THEY’RE HERE. There are tons of new interactions you can do with your toddler. My all time new favorite: HAVE A DANCE PARTY. YOU CAN ACTUALLY HAVE A DANCY PARTY WITH YOUR TODDLER. Man. Dreams do come true. I’m sorry for all the caps locks. I’M JUST SO EXCITED.

the sims 4 toddlers
This is a BIG update. My game is updating as we speak and it’s taking a while… That’s promising! I can’t wait till it’s done and I can start playing. Amaaaaazeballs! Hopefully it’s worth the wait. Thank you Sims 4!

Have you updated and played with the toddlers yet?


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