Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch: What We Know So Far

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My life is finally complete. When I bought my Nintendo Switch in April, I was hoping for Animal Crossing. Since you can use the Switch as a portable device, but also on playable on your tv; I feel like this is a winning situation for Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch. Here’s what we know so far:

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch

On September 13th Nintendo released the announcement for Animal Crossing. My heart exploded! Everyone seemed pretty excited about this. Nintendo announced that this game will be released in 2019. Some people are expecting the game to release in early 2019 – I would love that, but to me that does not seem realistic. We’ll see!

Already imagining myself playing Animal Crossing anywhere I wan’t! Like in the Nintendo DS days.. good old days…

My Wishlist

There are a few things that I would love in Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. One of those things is better relationships with your animal-citizens. This is something I really missed in Pocket Camp. I loved being able to play Animal Crossing on my iPhone, but I hated the superficial aspect of it. For the Switch, I really hope they bring back these deeper relationships (like; convincing them not to move out of your town etc..).

Would love to see the Able Sisters again. Explore their story a little more. This goes hand in hand with my wish for more discoveries and mysteries to solve. I love when characters have stories, so that will be a big wish on my end!

I am just really excited for this game to be released and I will do a full review for sure once it’s out! CAN’T WAIT.

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