FEMINISTS DON’T WEAR PINK and Other Lies Book Review

Feminists don't wear pink an other lies

First of all; this book is FUN. It’s a good and easy read, but it also tackles difficult subjects like stereotyping feminists. It is kind of a bundle of short stories of different women who have dealt with unjust actions toward them or other women in their lives. Let me elaborate a little more.

Feminist don’t wear pink, don’t play football, don’t make jokes

This books does not only educate you on the magical thing that is Feminism, but it also empowers you to not let people mess with you just because you’re a woman. A few years back, I started thinking about feminism. Just like a few authors in the book, I also thought that feminist didn’t shave their legs, didn’t wear pink etc etc. That made me feel stupid when I found out that this was not the case. Feminist can do whatever they feel like doing. If you want to wear pink? go for it! Not shave your legs? Whatever. It’s YOUR body. This mindset is something I really missed growing up and it feels really good to have finally find my voice and being ready to use this in my daily life.


What I’ve learned from this book & why it might be good for you

YOU are in charge of your body, mind and decisions. That is the main thing that I’ve learned from this book. I’ve always been kind of insecure about myself – no, I’ve been insecure about what people MIGHT THINK about me. There is a huge different between these two. The last few years I have evolved so much and I’m much more comfortable in my body. This book was just the cherry on top and confirmed everything that I was already thinking about myself – but it made me feel less “weird”. Apparently, I’m not alone. This book has helped me so much and the stories are super nice to read and there are also a lot of good and usable quotes for your insta-pics 🙂


Even my cat Lilo wants to read this book – you little feminist!

This book might be good for you if you are interested in learning more about other women’s perspectives of Feminism. It also feels like a mirror sometimes. You might read a story and think “ouch, that’s me” but that is not a bad thing. FEMINISTS DON’T WEAR PINK and other lies helps you look at yourself while reading interesting, funny and heartbreaking stories.


“Do you believe in equal rights for men and women?
Do you believe women should work?
Do you believe men and women are of equal intellectual capability? .. Then you’re a feminist.”


Buy FEMINISTS DON’T WEAR PINK and other lies on (NL & BE only) or You will not regret it!

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